This page is for tracking various issues I will need to deal with while building this plane.

TODO Items

Issues to Consider

Chapter 9 - Better Fuel Lines
There are several references that the plans fuel lines aren't good enough. What are the options?

Chapter 13 - Nose wheel fender/mud flap
Saw mention of adding a fender / rock flap to the nose wheel. Hmmmm.

Chapter 17 - Center Console
The center console may be different due to the use of an electric landing brake. What sort of throttle quandrant/center console should there be?

Chapter 17 - Electric pitch and rudder trim
Probably do plans, manual rudder trim since it isn't used much but I am very interested in a stick actuated pitch trim. Alex Strong sells such a setup (minus the stick switch).

Chapter 17 - Landing Light
Look into setup where light has a cover such that the belly is smooth when the light is up and off. Rig up small motor to open light and turn on light only when light is down. Use lo and hi beam for taxi and landing light. Removes lever from console. Just need switch on panel or stick.

Chapter 8 and 18 - Head Rests
Look into head rest options. Would like more access to rear. Better visibility from back seat. Need to deal with roll over structure. See what othes have done.

Chapter 18 - Canopy Latch/Release
There has been discussion that the plans latch is a little prone to opening in flight in just the right circumstances. Other designs such as the one by Bob Bittner have been suggested.

Alternatives to the key entry to eliminate the outside door have been discussed. Decide if this is worth pursuing. Possible use of car like keyless entry. What if battery dies?

Emergency access from the outside needs to be addressed. The plans setup does not allow anyone to open the canopy from the outside in an emergency. Look into solutions. Ideas include some sort of handle/latch that can only be locked if noone is inside. Maybe removable hinge pins. Bad because a thief can gain access this way.

Chater 19 - Hidden Tie Down Attachments
Marc's site has some plans for a simple little attachment for tie downs at the wing root.

Chapter 19 and 20 - Hidden Rudder Bellhorns
Seems to be a cleaner approach. There appears to be plans available from RAF. Slade has link on his site for RAF to get plans.

Chapter 20 - Wing mounted camera
Look into installing a wing mounted camera to record flights/scenery. Maybe control pan, title, zoom from cockpit. How to record and with what? VCR? Digital? This may go in the lower winglet.

Chapter 21 - Fuel Gauges
Look into some sort of panel mounted fuel information. Possibly use a capacitive fuel sensor. Research the use of the sensors before sealing the strakes.

Chapter 21 - Grounding
There have been discussions about proper grouding of the fuel tanks - research this.

Chapter 22 - "Black Box"
For flight testing, and maybe later, it would be nice to be able to record cockit voice and radio comms. Also record flight data such as speed, altitude, OAT, RPM, etc. for flight testing analysis.

Chapter 22 - Antennae Placement
After reviewing archives I may do the following: Marker Beacon in fuselage belly, VOR in each wing, Glide Slope in canard, COM in winglets, ELT in nose, GPS in nose. I will skip the Loran. What about ADF?
Update: Marker Beacon was added in the fuselage bottom in chapter 7.
Update: Glideslope and Nav1 added in the canard in chapter 10.

Chapter 22 - Installation of 6 CD player for long XC flights
Do I really want music while I fly? Maybe just for passengers.

Chapter 22 - Rear seat entertainment for kids
Look into seperate audio and possibly video for kids in back. Portable DVD with small LCD screen like some minivans.

Chapter 23 - Possible use of auto engine
Investigate issues, pros/cons, of auto installation vs. Lycoming O-360.
Probable choice would be Mazda 13B Rotary. Give some of the current builders a chance to work out the kinks. Maybe there will be a standard package available by the time I'm ready.

Chapter 26 - Upholstery
Need to collect good ideas to make a nice interior.

Completed Items

Chapter 13 - Improved Rudder Pedals
Dennis Oelmann makes improved rudder pedals. Determine if I should use these and then figure out what plans listed parts not to order.
Update: Several people are making rudder pedals. I will also look into simply making my own.
Update: Bought pedals from Dennis Oelmann.

Chapter 13 - Power Nose Lift
I have seen mention of such a device. It sounds popular but requires some plans changes. Research who has done this.
Update: I will most likely to this. Need to figure out changes.
Update: There are two popular choices - Steve Wright and Jack Wilhelmson. Steve's requires mods to F-22 while Jack's doesn't.
Update: I ordered Jack's noselift and his improved NG-6 bearing.

Building for IFR
I need to check around to see what plans changes may be necessary, if any, to equip my Cozy for IFR flight. I just want to plan ahead for any gotchas.
Update: Shouldn't be any changes. Just make sure there are enough antennas.

Chapter 9 - Electric Landing Brake
Wanye Lanza seems to have this for sale. I have sent an email to get more info. Appears to require slight mod in chapter 6 for seatback brace. Still waiting on other info.
Update: I did use Wayne's actuator. It was installed in Chapter 9.

Chapter 5 - Vance Fuel Guages
Another popular modification that is mentioned in the plans. Again, do some research to determine what impact this has.
Update: Ordered for chapter 5. Made depression flat so guage will be recessed.

My biggest initial hurdle will be transforming our garage into a useable workshop. This is a detached, unheated garage with two floors. The inside is about 18' by 15'. This is enough space to build all the individual components but certainly is not enough to finish the project. I will have to deal with that issue later.

There is no insulation, both windows are cracked, the side entrance door has a big gap where the dogs chewed it up as puppies, and the main door opening to the alley doesn't seal well and dirt and dust pile up inside.

The only head start I have is there is electricity running to the garage. There are two outlets and a single light bulb downstairs and no outlets and a single light bulb upstairs.

The plan is to remove everthing we can from the garage. We will be having a garage sale very soon. I will wire outlets upstairs and downstairs. I will install more lighting. Insulation will be added upstairs. The walls and ceiling will be dry walled upstairs. The cracked windows will be replaced. The side door will be replaced. Once the upstairs is complete we can use it for storage. Once the downstairs is empty I can work on it. More outlets will be added along with more lighting. The main door will be better sealed. Shelving will be put up. A worktable and workbench will be built. I plan on using a propane heater to keep the garage warm during the coming Denver winter.

At this point I can begin the actual construction of the plane. Whew!
Update: Workshop complete. I will be able to build all the major components. I will need more space to complete the plane.
Update: Moved to new house on October 19, 2002. Now have four car garage all to myself as a workshop - 20' x 40' will lofted ceiling in middle!