This project was for sale

This project is very well documented on this website. Lots of pictures are available. I have built this entire project. There are no pre-fab parts except for the gear struts and much of the hardware. MSG 335 has been used throughout the project. It has had two EAA technical inspections. Many builders have visited this project over the years. They all seem to agree it is a well done project. I leave that to the buyer to decide. The plans have been marked with a highlighter as each step is completed. It will be quite easy to see what has been done and what hasn't.

What's for sale?

What do you need to finish this plane?

Modifications from plans. I followed the plans exactly except to add the following items. Not a single layup schedule was altered.

Status by Chapter:

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Headrests need to be glassed into place. Seat belts need mounting. Step needs final mounting.
Chapter 9
Axles need final mounting. Gear legs need a bit more grinding to better clear brake calipers. Brake lines need to be completed.
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
One elevator has a tiny bit of play. One of the bolts needs to be redone.
Chapter 12
Canard incidence needs to be adjusted per newsletter #79 (I think that's the correct number).
Chapter 13
Nose is shaped but top needs to be glassed. Nose doors need to be built as well.
Chapter 14
Holes in end caps need to be cut for wires from wings.
Chapter 15
Not started at all.
Chapter 16
All rudder cables need routing (conduit in place). Some assembly of completed parts needed (taken apart for other work). Need control sticks.
Chapter 17
Need to finish roll trim. Pitch trim not started (was planning on Ken Miller or Alex Strong setup). No center console in place due to electric landing brake and planned electric pitch trim. Landing light needs completion.
Chapter 18
Steps 1 - 7 complete. Step 8 half finished. Step 9 not started. Step 10 finished. Step 11 virtually complete. Step 12 finished. Steps 13 and 14 started. Need to finish canopy hardware reinforcements and inside skin needs to be done. Removable fuselage top needs to be completed. Need to complete hinges, cut out frame and add drip rail. Canopy cover and lip need to be built. All hardware needs to be installed.
Chapter 19
Remount ailerons and hardware.
Chapter 20
Cores cut and glassed. Need to be mounted to wings. Rudders need to be built.
Chapter 21
Not started at all.
Chapter 22
All antennas in place. Nothing else started.
Chapter 23
Not started at all.
Chapter 24
All armrests and seats complete. Armrests need final installation. Back seat hinges need mounting. Battery cover not started. Canard cover shaped but not installed or glassed.
Chapter 25
Bottom of fuselage has had been filled with micro and sanded with 36 grit. Nothing else started.